Why choose Optimiz?

Customer first strategy, process, & delivery.

We empower you.

We simplify the complexity of managing your applications
into insights that empower you to make informed decisions

We have a proven track record of helping customers achieve greater value and automation when it comes to their IT Operations. We recognize how challenging it can be to understand all of the solutions in the enterprise digital monitoring space, while also delivering an elevated customer experience, which is why we’re here to help.

Performance = Optimal + Reliable

Helping you make the right decisions.

We know the importance of achieving optimal and reliable performance for your digital products and services. We built our framework to ensure that you can continuously define, test, and validate with your customers.

Our Business Value Realization (BVR) framework and approach is what separates us – delivering results that drive greater efficiency gains and overall improvements to the application monitoring process that are easily measurable and tie directly to your business objectives and goals.

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How does it work?

Business Value Realization Framework.

Step 1:

We focus on outcomes + customer experience

We work with you to define your desired outcomes, defining the right measurements and achieve stakeholder alignment.

Collaboration with application owners

Step 2:

Implement Agile + Iterative Approach

We know this is new, so we start simple. We help you pick a few applications to monitor, assess the critical transactions and provide recommendations and options.

Measure KPIs and Metrics

Step 3:

Leverage Machine Learning + Automation

We implement Machine learning to reduce friction, implement remedies, and focus on helping this become a scalable initiative.

Greater efficiency and savings

Step 4:

Unified View

We help you understand the consolidated view with service dashboards

Simplify your operations