Client Cases: Education

Helping large Canadian University realize the full potential of their application monitoring solution.


A large Canadian University that is running AppDynamics to monitor all of their applications, felt they didn’t have a strong enough understanding of the full capabilities of the AppDynamics platform and were looking for help in designing a training program to increase the knowledge of their IT Ops team in working with the platform to monitor and manage their applications.


We worked with the customer to build a training program that was custom-tailored to their needs, including hands-on workshops which were based on their own environment, so they could take the learnings gained through the workshops and apply them directly to their operations.


A team that is fully versed on the AppDynamics platform, with an understanding of the ideal configuration for the platform given their requirements for each of their applications, operating model and the technical aspects of their environment. The team was able to monitor, configure and quickly navigate the AppDynamics platform to execute on their immediate needs, while also planning for improvements to their processes and methodology of how to manage their suite of digital applications (web based and mobile).  They were able to hone in on the root cause of issues much quicker and were able to devise a plan for remediation, improving the performance, reliability of their applications and overall experience to their customers.