Client Cases: Financial Services

Acquired applications. Building a strategy and Roadmap for Success.


In 2015, one of the largest financial management services company in Canada had acquired a new broker dealer administration platform that was used by financial advisors and brokers. The client needed help defining an IT Ops strategy and the creation of a roadmap to define the right mix of people, process and technology to address challenges in the service management of customer reported issues and gaps in measuring application performance.


  • Define and implement the DEVOPS organizational model to support the application
  • Create a RACI model with the roles and responsibilities including the Vendor, the Infrastructure Support Team, Level 1 and 2 Applications Support teams and the Business Unit Owners of the application
  • Create and implement Application Performance Management Configurations on the application ecosystem
  • Define the KPI’s and KRI’s to meet the business goals and objectives
  • Create dashboards and escalation processes to meet the defined KPI’s and KRI’s for the application that included minimum Mean Time To Recover of any Performance or application interruptions
  • Establish the communications criteria and reporting mechanisms to communicate with business stakeholders and senior IT executives both during weekly updates and during times of application performance interruptions


  • System interruptions and outages reduced significantly, by over 40%
  • Standard troubleshooting reduced due to faster root cause analysis across all of their applications
  • Improved clarity on the role and KPIs between IT Operations and the business, resulting in improved collaboration and synergies between the two groups
  • Uptime SLA of application was over achieved quarter over quarter for 18 consecutive months