Strategy & Assessment

Health Check

Want to know how well your IT monitoring, applications and infrastructure are performing?


How can
insights help your organization grow?

Many organizations use less than 50% of the features and functionality of their monitoring solutions. Most companies who have implemented monitoring solutions don’t ever realize the complete value or take full advantage of all the features in the monitoring solution, which leaves many feeling frustrated and unsatisfied.

What to expect

We help you find the opportunities to reach your goals.

We perform an assessment of your current processes and overall monitoring of your IT Operations environment, to provide recommendations that maximize the value of your technology, processes and people. We want you to understand how well you’re doing and where there are opportunities for improvement. We aren’t here to grade your performance, but rather show you where best to spend your time and money in order to achieve your goals.

We help you:


OuR 5 Day Solution

How do you deliver results?

Our Health Check program is delivered by a team of highly experienced IT Ops implementation professionals. We have designed a 5 day assessment framework to help you understand the current state of your IT Ops. We analyze and provide recommendations for areas that require the most attention.

We work with your team, taking them through the program to define alignment with your business goals and driving value for your IT operations.

A dashboard of your current capability with your deployed monitoring solutions across your IT Operations.

A comprehensive list of improvements to ensure optimized use of your tech stack and overall monitoring solutions.

A Governance Framework for continuous feedback and optimization of your processes and monitoring solutions.

Recommended list of KPIs/metrics designed to measure against your organization’s objectives and goals.