Client Cases: Insurance

Helping a large insurance company dive into user behaviour and monitoring solutions.


A large insurance company in Manitoba purchased AppDynamics to manage its main customer-facing application, which was installed on-premise. They were frustrated with the results they achieved following the installation.  There was a lack of visibility to the full application ecosystem, and a lack of understanding of the overall user experience and expectations, as well as the business’ expectations around the performance of the applications.


We developed a plan to execute against their requirements in order to meet the expectations of their customers, internal users and the business, while also developing a custom training program for the IT Ops team to adapt their performance monitoring solution to the needs of their user base.

We migrated their instance of AppDynamics to the cloud, which reduced their infrastructure costs. Collaborating with their development teams, their instance of AppDynamics was configured to ensure events and processes that are critical to the operations and the business were monitored, while training the development and operations team to adapt the use of AppDynamics to improve the development life cycle of their applications.


By migrating their instance of AppDynamics to the cloud, the customer saved on their infrastructure costs and improved overall reliability and performance of their applications.  The development team was able to realize additional value from their AppDynamics installation by gaining greater transparency into the quality of their code and impact on the performance of the applications being monitored.  As a result, they improved their cadence of delivering new product features and improvements to their applications, which delivered greater value to their customers and to the business.