Integrating AppDynamics with Moogsoft Express


Moogsoft Express is  is the new cloud-native AIOps offering from Moogsoft. In this post, we will go through how to integrate AppDynamics with Moogsoft Express using 4 simple steps.

Step1: Create HTTP Request Template in AppDynamics

You can download the payload script from our github repository link: optimiz repository

Step2: Test HTTP Request Template
in AppDynamics

You should see a test incident and alert created in Moog Express

Step 3: Create Correlation Engine in Moogsoft

Creating the correlation engine definition will depend on your environment and requirements. This is a simple example where we correlate on the service name such that all AppD Alerts for same business application will be correlated under a single incident in Moog Express which is very helpful to reduce the noise and number of incidents to work on. 

Step 4: Create a policy in AppDynamics

This is a standard policy in AppDynamics to identify which events you need to send to Moogsoft Express

You can see here a single incident was created for multiple events and alerts for an outage scenario. Using this integration, similar events get deduplicated into a single alert and all related alerts are grouped into a single incident.

What is next ?

In the next article, we will go through how to correlate alerts from multiple monitoring tools as well as we will cover data catalog enrichment in Moog express