Managed Services

Helping you find new ways to create value.


Giving you time to focus on the business.

You should always be optimizing your Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) workflow, processes and technology as your business model and services adapt to constantly changing user expectations, industry trends, and technology advancements. We act as an extension of your team through a hybrid model, or as an external hub to provide a fully managed service offering. We help you assess, implement, maintain, and manage the performance monitoring of your applications and infrastructure, including event correlation.


Accelerating results for you and your customers.

We provide a fully managed service offering where we implement, maintain, and manage your overall IT monitoring environment. We support both a fully outsourced model or hybrid, where we can act as an extension of your team, complimenting and enhancing the skill set within your team - helping your team tweak, resolve issues or do root cause analysis.


We Assess

We Implement

We Maintain

We start each Managed Service engagement with the Optimiz Health Check, delivering a detailed assessment of your current IT monitoring environment, including your end to end monitoring solutions and processes. This becomes the baseline from which we work from, to understand the gaps between the current state and the desired state for your operations, as measured against your organization’s business goals and objectives.

We work with your organization to determine the areas and functions within your environment that are considered lower value to your organization, where there are gaps in the skill set and experience of your IT Ops team. We can implement the right set of key performance metrics, dashboards, analytics and overall processes to help your team(s) effectively meet the evolving needs of the business and your customers

We can augment the talents and size of your IT monitoring team, by managing the ongoing operational aspects of architecting, implementing, configuring, instrumenting, and monitoring your end to end operations. Allowing your IT teams to focus on what matters most to your business.