Client Cases: Pension Plan

Improved overall stability of the application, while providing real-time insight.


A large Canadian pension plan administrator wanted help implementing AppDynamics with its instance of the Morneau Shepell platform. Over the years they invested in adding new features and configurations to the Morneau Shepell platform, including integration to a variety of third-party applications. Due to the number of integration points and the custom configuration and features there was a high degree of complexity. This made it difficult for the IT operations team to keep up with the code changes, which led to a higher number of incidents, mean time to repair (MTTR) and ultimately frustrated customers. 


Leveraging our deep knowledge and experience working with the Morneau Shepell administration platform we were able to bring forward the right mix of knowledge, expertise and skill set.  We began with understanding and assessing the customer’s implementation of the Morneau Shepell platform, while also identifying all of the integration points with third-party applications, such as CRM, Sharepoint, etc. We created a map of the system, integration points and the flow of data, and overall design architecture to determine the optimal way to implement the AppDynamics solution. 

Working hand in hand with the IT Operations team and the business owners we were able to walk them through our process for defining the appropriate metrics, dashboards and analytics to ensure they aligned with their key objectives and goals. 


The customer was able to monitor and manage their entire instance of the Morneau Shepell platform, from the browser customer request through to their network, backend databases and application servers.  We built a real-time dashboard to enable their IT operations team to see all of the activity occurring within the Morneau Shepell platform, along the points of integration with the third-party applications and insights into the behaviour of their end user’s while using the platform.