Client Cases: Retail

Helping a large Canadian retailer deep-dive into their customer behaviour.


A large Canadian retailer was interested to understand the impact that the performance of their e-commerce site had on their sales.  


We helped our customer take a step back and to focus on understanding the following, to determine where the gaps were, and what needed to be done to close these gaps.

  • At which point in the customer journey while on the e-commerce site, did customers drop off? 
  • Was there a correlation between the point at which customers drop off and the performance of the e-commerce site?
  • Retention rates – what drivers contributed to a decline in retention rates?
  • Conversion rates – how many customers are buying and how often?

Once we gained a better understanding of the events taking place in the application sand the network supporting their e-commerce site, we had better insight into the trigger points that impacted the customer experience.  A correlation between the behaviour of customers while on the e-commerce site with the performance of the site indicated that Our customer was now in the position to begin developing processes and designing a model to support their application monitoring requirements and how to remediate issues.  


Through event and incident management the customer was able to ensure timely resolution of issues, but also proactive management in order to have an impact on the customer model.

The process we helped them design leveraged our Business Value Realization framework in order to achieve the optimal mix of investment in-app and infrastructure monitoring solutions to satisfy both the technical and business requirements, while prioritizing based on the impact to customer experience, which our customer realized directly drove key performance indicators for the business, such as revenue, retention rates, and market adoption.   By correlating IT and business metrics in real-time through analytics solutions such as BusinessIQ, we provided management with a single view into the health of their e-commerce site, the supporting applications and network and the impact of these on the customer experience.